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Evil Purple Minion

After meeting many weird, cute, funny, and stout minions, it’s time to meet the evil purple minion. The purple Minion look evil and big in comparison of yellow minion.Take a break from the happy minions and add the troublesome one-eyed purple coloured minions. They come with jagged teeth, an extra full-head with crazy long hair and elongated arms. Purple coloured evil minions are the outcome of the dangerous mutator PX-41. All minion fans will know how these minions originated in the second series of the Despicable Me. Yes, they are the brainchild of Dr. Nefario who joins El Macho after leaving Gru. Here we will discuss everything about these evil creatures. Purple minion costumes, images, and their names!

The minions who were injected with the PX-42 serum got transformed into evil purple coloured minions. These purple coloured despicable me minion characters are not less interesting than the story behind their transformation. They are born to destroy. On the other hand, they are monstrous and destructive by nature and looks. No weapon can harm them while they can swallow anything that comes in their way. We also find them irritating with their high-pitched shrilling screams. In short, they are capable of causing the worst disasters. Hence, we have dedicated this post just to the purple minion.

purple minions

Purple Minion Names

Do you want to know the minions who were kidnapped, injected with PX-41, and transformed to purple minion? We see in the movie how they are kidnapped, tied, and changed to evil. Here is a list of all those minions who are turned into disastrous minion by El Macho and Dr. Nefario. However, Dave and Stuart get themselves painted purple just to look like one of them while rescuing kidnapped Lucy.

Purple minion

Tom was the first one to get turned into the purple one. The most popular who were turned following Tom are:

  • Jerry
  • Kevin
  • Mark
  • Donny
  • Larry
  • Paul
  • Mike
  • Phil
  • Tom
  • Steve
  • Tim

There were many others and almost all of them leaving few. Later they were brought back to their normal form as the movie comes towards an end with Gru’s wedding. We have also shared minion names of all the minions as they were in their original forms.

Purple Minion Images

Minion images are awesome and inspiring. They are someone out of the world and we all are in awestruck by them. In some minion movies they had played leading role. The purple coloured minions turn evil with their changed form, but they still love banana. They still act funny and do all crazy things. We have shared here some purple images of the evil minions. While the yellow and blue has gone viral, the purple ones are also popular. We see purple minion making whirls on the internet. They express hatred, negations, and bad attitudes.

Funny purple minion

Purple minion Images

Purple minion name

How the Minion Purple Differ From the Normal

These evil minions behave like the Donald Sutherland in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They are also adventurous like zombies. In many ways, they are different from the regular minions. First of all, they colour and looks make them different. The gaudy purple skin opposing the mild and pleasant yellow-blue. Crooked teeth like monsters, frizzy spreading-out hair. They don’t speak. But they growl and ready to bite everything. The funny and cool creatures are transformed into wild, destructive demons.

The world of the minions is strange and yet loving. They have made millions of fans fall in love with their cute silliness. But the purple coloured minions symbolize all the negative forces. They make us realize the value of goodness when juxtaposed against the regular minions. The world of the purple minion ends when Dr. Nefario himself realizes and quits El Macho. He creates an antidote to turn all the evil minions back to normal. Although, we saw one escaped and made a shocking appearance at Gru and Lucy’s wedding. We see him getting treated with the antidote like others. Minion movies and minion wallpaper are fun and that is how we love them so much. We will be soon back with something more about these Despicable Me 2. Keep visiting us to get crazy with minions.

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