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Minion Memes: Best Funny Minions Memes Ideas

Minion Memes Meet the craziest minion memes and minion ideas. The funny popcorn looking minions have amazing ideas on everything you can dream of. Be it diet, fitness, attitude or friendship and relations. Minions have the best way of expressing all sorts of stress busters. Lol moments are guaranteed as you will meet these crazy […]

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Minion Games: How to Play Minion Games Online

Minion Games They are cute, stout, fun loving little yellow guys wearing metal goggles with a small patch of hair and carrying Gru’s Emblem on their uniform. I hope you have guessed the figure… Yes! They are your hot favorite, funny looking, banana lovers which have made their presence feel in their two American franchises […]

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Minion Jokes: Top 50+ Funny Minions Jokes to Share with Friends

Funny Minion Jokes Hilarious Minion jokes to share with your friends for funniest moments. Catch some funny moments with your buddies by sharing these crazy minions jokes and quotes. Minions are bound to make you laugh and let you spread laughter. Our blog offers best quotes and images of these cool Despicable Me characters. Minions […]

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Know All Minions Characters: Despicable Me2 Minion Characters

Despicable Me2 Minions Characters Everyone has now fallen in love with Minions Characters and wants to know more about them. Minions now reside in our hearts for their cuteness. These adorable creatures are naïve and true to their emotions with less self-control. They are either one-eyed or two-eyed with their emoticon colour and tablet-like shape. […]

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New Despicable Me Characters: Real Life of Despicable Me

Best Despicable Me Characters Many people irrespective of age and gender love cartoon films. In fact, in the history of Hollywood movies, the cartoon movies have been more profitable compared to the ones that involve actual hero and heroines. The first series of Despicable was launched in the year 2010. It was a debut film […]

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How to Draw A Minion Step By Step Guide [Video + Image]

How to Draw A Minion Do you know how to draw a Minion? Here is simple tutorial on drawing minion sketch step by step. Minions may seem tough to draw at first. Drawing them following the steps given here will make it very easy for you. We have given here a fast and easy way […]

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How to Speak Minion Language Minionese?

Minion Language- Minionese Do you want to learn Minion Language? The minions are now most adorable fantasy creates. They are small table shaped and yellow colored creature with one or two eyes. They have become most trending way of spreading fun and humor. Kevin, Bob minion, Stuart Minion, Dave, Carl and other minions have made […]

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50 Popular Minion Sayings to Share with your Friends

Top Minion Sayings Here are the most popular minion sayings and quotes. Everyone has fallen in love with the minion language and wants to speak minions way. Our blog is to offer you everything you would love to have from these funny little despicable me characters. These sayings of Minions will introduce you to many […]