Minion Coc

Minion Coc: Tips and Strategies To Minion Coc in Clash of Clans

The Minion Coc are the first troops unlocked in  the dark barracks in the popular Android game ‘Clash of Clans’. These dark troops present in the game are the terror of the skies born out of Dark Elixir. They are fast, cheap and weak flying  troops. The weird looking creature cannot be attacked by mortars  […]

how to draw a minion

How to Draw A Minion Step By Step Guide [Video + Image]

How to Draw A Minion Do you know how to draw a Minion? Here is simple tutorial on drawing minion sketch step by step. Minions may seem tough to draw at first. Drawing them following the steps given here will make it very easy for you. We have given here a fast and easy way […]

Minion Rush apk

Minion Rush APK: Download Latest Minion Rush Game APK for Android

Download and Run Minion Rush APK Who doesn’t love 3d anime characters? With the movie ‘Despicable Me 3’ people have started loving the miniature robots that played a major role in the movie called Minions. And as per the trend, the game developers have started developing games that are focussed on Minions. There have been […]

best minion quotes

Top 50 Minion Quotes and Sayings: Free Minions Quote and Images

Best Minion Quotes Cute minions have always been favourite of adults and kids alike. The cute minion can be satirical or funny. We have compiled a big collection of minion quotes and sayings. Explore and share superb Minion quotes with your funny friends to create funniest moments! Minions have tons of fans around the world! […]

Purple minion

Purple Minion: Know Purple Minion Name and Download Images

Evil Purple Minion After meeting many weird, cute, funny, and stout minions, it’s time to meet the evil purple minion. The purple Minion look evil and big in comparison of yellow minion.Take a break from the happy minions and add the troublesome one-eyed purple coloured minions. They come with jagged teeth, an extra full-head with […]

minion names

Minion Names and Characters Complete List [Infographics]

Minion Names List We love minions like you do. Explore all Minion names and characters. Know Bob Minion, Stuart Minion, Gru, Phil, Kevin and plenty of other minions character from here.Minions are unbelievably cute. Minions names are the favorite fantasy today. Right from the kid’s toy shop to people’s theme parties, minions are creating whirls everywhere. […]

minion mini movies

Minion Mini Movies: Exciting Minion Mini Movies for ROFL Moments

Overview for Minion Mini Movies The yellow henchmen are adored for their cute mischieves, adorable behavior, funny appearance and their irressistable love for B-A-N-A-N-A! We all love these charming henchmen featured in the Despicable Me franchise. Their magical spell came upon us in the year 2010 with the infamous title ‘Despicable Me’. These American animated […]

how to speak minionese

How to Speak Minion Language Minionese?

Minion Language- Minionese Do you want to learn Minion Language? The minions are now most adorable fantasy creates. They are small table shaped and yellow colored creature with one or two eyes. They have become most trending way of spreading fun and humor. Kevin, Bob minion, Stuart Minion, Dave, Carl and other minions have made […]

Minion Rush

Minion Rush: Despicable me Minion Rush Game Online

Minion Rush Minions are cute yellow characters which will automatically convert your bad mood into happy mode when you come across cute wallpapers, quotes, GIF’s and the Minion Rush game which will give you LOL moments. The sweet banana lovers featured in the Oscar nominated American movie ‘Despicable Me’ emerged as the main attractions in […]

Gru Despicable Me

Villain Gru Despicable Me: Understanding the Role of the Super Villian

This article will talk about protagonist Gru Despicable Me, not minions? Nevertheless,Gru is less remembered as compared to the Minions. The adorable creatures are found almost everywhere gaining huge popularity. It is natural to forget the protagonist ‘Gru’ in comparison to these banana lovers. Let’s try to talk about the Gru Despicable Me instead of […]