Know All Minions Characters: Despicable Me2 Minion Characters

Despicable Me2 Minions Characters

Everyone has now fallen in love with Minions Characters and wants to know more about them. Minions now reside in our hearts for their cuteness. These adorable creatures are naïve and true to their emotions with less self-control. They are either one-eyed or two-eyed with their emoticon colour and tablet-like shape. Their wide eyes have become synonymous with any feeling of awe and fun. Minions characters are indeed the most remarkable characters in both the films; Despicable Me and Despicable Me2. Go down to get details about each and every characters!

Minions are a creation that will live in our hearts for many generations because of their unbelievable cuteness.If you know little about minions and want to explore them further, find here all characters of minions. Minions characters are short sized cylindrical yellow creatures first introduced in Despicable Me and Despicable Me2. We will make you familiar with all Main Minions. Meet Dave, Stuart, Tim, Jerry, Mark, Kevin, Carl, Josh and Phil.

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Minions characters have gone so popular because we can relate with them and smile at them. Even, few of them are covered under a different title called “minion names“. If you are a drawing expert and looking to make a hand made minion, then go through the guide of how to draw a minion. They are sometimes troublesome but endearing too. They bring tons of LOL moments for us and we just can’t help smiling when we come across a minion pic. Take a look at the main minion characters we have given below and learn them. Since you are already in awe of fun they have blasted off, you would love to know them in details. You will fall in love with their unique features, their happy colour and humorous shape. Share the information on minion characters with other minion fans you know. Well, there are other allies and evil minions too, but we will talk about the main minion characters here.Minions are the numerous creatures that appear in the despicable me franchise, which began … Minions characters.

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All Minions Characters | Minion Cast

Find below all main minions characters who are lovable and cute. They are love of everyone regardless of age. Did you know that minions speak a language called minionese?

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Now we know from the movie that minions are either one-eyed or two eyed. Dave is the most lovable two-eyed minion character. He is popular among protagonist minions, mostly in Despicable Me 2. Dave is also the smartest and loving, kind and funny. He makes a great chemistry with Stuart and Gru. Video games are his passion and ice cream seems to be his love. His best scenes are indeed ice-ream party and the one when he fires his rocket launcher. Everyone loves Dave, not only in film but also at toy shops.


Stuart is one of the one-eyed creature who is funny of course. He loves playing video games with Dave. Stuart makes a great pair with Dave. Both are painted purple by Gru at the end of the Despicable Me 2.


Meet Jerry, the first minion who gets kidnapped. A loving lullaby singer and guitar player is a musical minion with two wide eyes and spiked hair. Jerry is a sensitive minion guy and an easy one to scare.


Yet another one-eyed popular minion who is later turned to evil minion. He is among main minions brigade who loves to tease others. He is hilarious at times as he bids good bye to Jerry when he sees him abducting.


Tim is unique due to notable height and sprout hair-cut. He is two-eyed and we see him dressed conventionally. Shown more matured than others. In Despicable Me 2, you will see him bald and wearing a tie. Tim loves singing. See the image here to catch a glimpse of the tall Tim.


Two-eyed minion with well combed hair is shown as motherly character. He dresses as mother and sings “Copacabana”. He is also among three minions with Phil and Tim who are asked for a new unicorn for Agnes.


Phil too joins Mark and Tim in singing “Copacabana” in karaoke. Later on in film Despicable Me 2, he is shown in a get up of French maid cleaning the house. He is taken by Dr. Nafario in a bag when captured.


Carl is tiny and one eyed with short buzzy hair. He is very fun loving and loves to have a gala time with other minions characters of film. He is seen in the film at office fire scene as well ice cream party scene.


Josh is a plump and short minion with two eyes. He throws out some hilarious scenes with Stuart and Larry. We can also see him in  a fireman costume in the film at bee-do alarm scene.

Minions characters who are not transformed to evil minions are Dave, Lance, Stuart, Josh, Carl and Ken. Tom, Kevin, Mike, Phil and Jerry turn to Evil minions. Can you name the most lovable of the minion characters from minion movies. Do tell us which of the minions characters you love most. Who is your favorite minion? How much you adore Dave and Stuart? Explore our site for funny despicable me quotes and minion images.

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