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Minion Rush

Minions are cute yellow characters which will automatically convert your bad mood into happy mode when you come across cute wallpapers, quotes, GIF’s and the Minion Rush game which will give you LOL moments. The sweet banana lovers featured in the Oscar nominated American movie ‘Despicable Me’ emerged as the main attractions in the film with its cute personality, cool appearance and casual mix language in a single package. The yellow minion memes are huge attractions for children who love them anxiously waiting for their next upcoming movie in 2017.

These henchmen are a hit since the first ‘Despicable Movie’ in 2010, invented by the protagonist Gru for his evil invention to capture the moon. The first part was followed by a sequel as the movie was a huge hit and is one of the 16 best animated movies nominated in Oscar. The cylindrical yellow colored miniatures are famous for their minion rush games,  memes, quotes, saying etc based on real life attributes and are quite efficiently widespread.Minion Rush game is a endless runner.This game is is an ‘endless runner’ in three dimensions.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush Games

Minion games are the new trend going online. There are various minion games which are obtained in the market which offer wide choices for their audiences in both Android and PC’s. They offer various mobile or PC action video games for children and youngsters. Minion Rush is one of running games going viral online. The Minion rush game as well as minion paradise game consists of endless paths with three modes i.e Jelly Lab, Global events and Special Miss and Races. The minions have to collect bananas while running which are lined up, jump to avoid the obstacles, collect royalties and prizes and cover maximum levels just like Temple Run or Subway Surfer.

The game is designed with excellent 3D graphic which make may give you a memorable gaming experience. The online game doubles your fun level by giving you minion moments with your favorite minions Dave, Carl and Jerry, collecting bonus points which give you the privilege to ride on Gru’s rocket, controlling the Mega monster and the Fluffy Unicorn stage. The 3D game unlocks various accessories as you collect more and more bananas, making your minion look funnier as you successfully move through each level.

Minion Rush Game

Minion games for kids

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Features of Minion Rush

The article is based on the new trending online game named as ‘Minion Rush’. We are highlighting some of the features that are offered by the famous minion rush game:

  1. The endless minion land is filled with bananas hanging or lined along the way. The player can also pay some bucks for installing the golden banana which may yield double points.
  2. The game tempts their gamers with airborne mode with obstacles which can be prevented through flights and switch lanes.
  3. While running watch out for your contenders and squash them to decrease your competition and win multipliers.
  4. The game is made more interesting with the Boss Levels and Unicorn stages. During these stages grab as many bananas you can and also watch out for the robots which may try to hinder your path which will be thrown upon you by Villains Vector and Meena.
  5. Vector will try his level best to stop you from reaching the end, to avoid him continue throwing explosive objects on his ship till your blow off his ship.
  6. While making your way through Gru’s laboratory, keep an eye out for the bananas which may take you to the ‘Disco Room’.
  7. The online minion rush game allures their players to win gift code prizes but only if you have the correct combination of three minions.

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List of Prize Code

There is the list of some prize codes which may fetch amazing prizes:

  • Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion= Kung Fu Taunt.
  • The Golf Minion + Knight Minion + Mustache Minion= Laughing Taunt.

(Note that the knight minion is the one with only one eye)

  • Knight Minion + Fireman Minion + Hula Minion= FREE referee costume.
  • Hula Minion + Mustache Minion+ Firefighter Minion= 5 Banana Perks.
  • Maid Minion+ Hula Minion + Knight Minion= 5 Score Perks.
  1. Many bonuses and funny outfits will also come in your way, don’t forget to collect them guyz..

Enjoy watching your favorite minion in various funny costumes like the Vampire, Worker, Jelly jar, Tortilla chip hat, Star fish, Singer, Snow boarder, Referee, Ninja, Mariachi, maid, Magician, Knight jogger and many such strange outfits that will give you ROFL moments that will make you fall in love with the minions forcing you to get hooked to the game. These costumes give you an advantage of bonuses that come with it.

Conclusion of Minion Rush Games

The Minion rush game is obtained in many versions as it is touching hearts of many people irrespective of their age. The game ventures through the Minion land with your hot favorite BA-NA-NA fellow. The game keeps you engrossed with its royalties that draws your attention that makes you rush into the game as soon as you finish one level. Don’t waste time and download the ‘Minion Rush’ game to explore more. Hope this article to brings you closer to your best minion characters and mesmerizes your senses to play the all new game. Hurry up.!

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