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Best Minion Quotes

Cute minions have always been favourite of adults and kids alike. The cute minion can be satirical or funny. We have compiled a big collection of minion quotes and sayings. Explore and share superb Minion quotes with your funny friends to create funniest moments! Minions have tons of fans around the world! Minion quotes and Minion images are just blowing our minds away! Here we have shared a bunch of all time popular Minion quotations you can share with your buddies to make them smile!

After the success of Minions, these cylindrical yellow colored miniatures have spelled their magic instantly. Share these down to earth mind blowing quotes to make your day brighter. These one-eyed or two-eyed stout creatures are cute, friendly and funny.From this post,you can enjoy a lot of  Minion interesting quotes with images.

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Minions are spontaneous creatures with less self-control. But their innocuousness has made them dead popular among viewers. Perhaps, this is the reason why meminion website exists and you are reading this article. Minion quotes along with an inspirational images. So if you want to show off any weird down to earth attitude to someone, express through these funny characters. Minion quotes are shared a lot among friends and lovers and minion images are becoming everyone’s love. Hence we have compiled some best Minion Quotes and minion pictures to enjoy them and spread the fun. The quotes are funny, satirical, attitude and sad in nature. Basically, these minions quotes are suitable for all occasions and environment.

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Cute Minions Quotes

Get the top 50+ cute minion quotes to share with your buddies and have your way to unlimited fun and laughter. All the quotes are either created manually or have been curated from the multiple sources to reduce your leg work. Since this is an all-in-one minion quotes article we have included funny, satirical, attitude, sad, cute and many other different flavor quotes and sayings.

P.S: Do not forget to share these awesome minion quotes with your friends and family members via WhatsApp, Facebook and other medium. Additionally, you can also try some good minion games on your device for added fun.

  • Don’t underestimate me for my size. I can think more than you, speak more than you and have more attitudes than you!
  • I am no just short and stout. I am more generous and down to earth!
  • Only a Healthy brain like me can speak in sarcasm!
  • You are free to stick to your attitudes. But don’t dare to change mine!
  • I am not less than you, I am just a limited edition.
  • Being less smart than you also means I am more open to opportunities.
  • Laughing is the best remedy for stress. But if you are laughing without reason you desperately need some remedy.
  • If friend-listing unknown people while ignoring the one you know is what you call to be social, then I am least interested in being social.
  • If you are scared of insulting me, you are not my friend!
  • Don’t ignore me. All small things in life are not going to remain small for lifetime!

Minions Sayings

You can also download and share following minion quotes and sayings in form of images with your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp. In fact, this is the reason why we have provided a big collection of images with our readers. In future, we shall add more minion quotes and images for you. You can translate your language by your language through our this post.

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  • I don’t have to look for experts when I am with myself!
  • My abilities are better than yours. At least I can live without Wi-Fi.
  • Sometimes it’s nice to talk to people who are not your facebook friends. They talk sense without commenting!
  • If you want to feel slim, make friends with people fatter than you.
  • Hundreds of things are going right without your approval. Still you would like to comment about them!
  • Smile a lot before you lose your teeth!
  • Keep Calm. It’s just Monday today!
  • Dear Karma, I have a list of people you really need to visit!
  • I am multi-talented! I can annoy you, irritate you and make you bang your head against wall!
  • My maturity depends on your attitude with me!
  • I dint fall. I was just checking how slippery the floor is.
  • I feel so happy if you are jealous of me. It means I m a stuff to look at.
  • When I ask you ‘How Are You’, It doesn’t mean I am interested to know your indigestion problems.

We will be back with more minion quotes and we bet they will be more poignant and mind blowing. We promise all fun and humour from minions. In a near future, we shall be covering memes, wallpapers and tons of other information for the followers and lovers of the minions. Make sure to subscribe to Facebook page to get latest updates. Additionally, we shall be launching the meminion Android app for the followers of our blog. Of course, laughing with your friends would be more fun. Be generous and share these minion quotes with your friends for a blasting laugh. The more you listen to what these cute and weird creatures say, the more you will get addicted to them. Stay with us for best minions quotes and sayings.

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