Minion Pumpkin: Painting the Pumpkins Yellow and Blue this Halloween!

Minion Pumpkin Overview

Prepare cute Minion Pumpkin this upcoming Halloween. Welcome the Despicable Me yellow creatures of meminions to enchant your Halloween this year with minion pumpkins and carved pumpkin minions. These adorable henchmen are just an ideal decoration this Halloween. Decorate your house with cute pumpkins dressed minions to welcome your guests at your doorsteps. Minion Pumpkin are a huge trend originated with the popularity of the banana lovers portrayed in the Despicable ME franchise. Go down and make Paint of yellow pumpkin.

Lighten up your houses with minion cravings or enchant your kids with minions painted over pumpkins. Yes! This is quite easy and creative for the oncoming Halloween. The Minion Pumpkin will give an elegant as well as a decent look and will fetch great appreciation. Let us have a look on the preparation of these naive and impulsive banana lovers.Minions speak in varighty of languages. You can check out this blog to know details about minion languages.

DIY Minion Pumpkin

Despicable Me: Origin of Minions

Minions have become popular with the Despicable Me since its release in  2010. The story starts with Villian Gru who made these cylindrical creatures to help in his evil works. The criminal mind Gru adopts three girls to use as pawns in fulfill his evil mission to steal the moon. The trio girls give a life long realization and transforms Gru into a good man. The Despicable Me franchise continues with a similar plot.

Coming back to the earlier topic, there are several kids eagerly waiting for the Halloween to collect treats. While mothers are busy decorating the houses. Let’s get down to know the preparations included in preparing a Minion Pumpkin.

Materials Required for Minion Pumpkin

  • A huge Pumpkin
  • Jar lids
  • Screws (long)
  • Wooden skewer
  • Outdoor paint or spray paint (Yellow and Blue Colored)
  • White, black, brown paint
  • Black colored pipe cleaners

Method of Preparation:

Wash the pumpkin so that the dirt don’t mix with the paint. Divide the pumpkin into 2 halves, paint the upper half with yellow colored paint and allow it to dry. Paint the lower half with blue colored paint and allow it to allow. Make sure you dry each paint so that the coloring is done systematically. Add a second coat of yellow and blue color to the pumpkin again so a rich dark color.

For the Minion Goggles

Take a canning jar lid and pierce a hole in the center with the help of a screw. Now, turn the lid such that its white part is being seen and insert a screw through its center. Apply glue around the silver ring and the lid, set aside to dry. With the help of a wooden skewer, pierce a hole at the center of the yellow, blue colored pumpkin to place the minion goggles. The screw attached to the minion goggle will help it to get fixed in its place.

Start painting the black straps of the minion goggles. Explore your creative side by filling the details of the facial expressions, eyes, the pocket or the minion clothing. Enjoy painting and cherishing childhood memories as you make the minion pumpkin come alive!

Note: It is important that the pumpkin reaches room temperature after you bring it from outdoor.They look beautiful in goggles and more is people use wallpapers of minions into their devices. If you start painting the pumpkin directly bringing from outdoors, the pumpkin will start perspiring, this may be hard to paint!

Make Minion Pumpkin

Minion Appearance

The Minions in the Despicable Me series are seen wearing black boots, metal goggles  for the one eyed or two eyed and blue jean overall with Gru’s Emblem ‘G’ printed on the front. They vary from short, thin, chubby, medium, tall with a well combed or spread out hair. Their looks played an important part in bringing us closer to the tablet shaped creatures. The wide eyed wonder and innocent looks forces you to carry one home. Prepare  them home this Halloween!

Carved Pumpkin Minion

The carved Pumpkin Minions are also easy to make and sparkles your house grabbing more eyeballs. They are easy to make and requires artistic skills to carved a minion on the pumpkin. The pumpkin is beautifully scooped to make with your favorite your ice-cream lover ‘Dave’ or the short- plump Jerry or the obvious Bob. Twinkle this October with the glowing carved pumpkin minions!

How to make your Minion Pumpkin last longer?

We bring to you some simple tips to make your Minion Pumpkin live for some weeks. The craved  Minion Pumpkin should be soaked in a large container containing bleach and water, i.e. 1 tsp bleach:1 gal water. This will kill all the bacteria and make your Minion Pumpkin stay fresh for weeks. Once the pumpkin gets dry, add 2 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp lemon juice to a quart of water. Apply this solution to your pumpkin. Get carefree, your carved Minion Pumpkin will look just like day 1!
Sparkle your Halloween with Enchanting Minion Decorations

The Minion Pumpkin is being trendy this year with cute carved pumpkin minions lighting houses or minion pumpkins welcoming children to collect ‘Tricks or Treats’. Carve or paint your favorite character like gru despicable me, evil minions, Ninja turtles or the Shrek! Make this Halloween terrifying as well as delightful with these plumpy minions!

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