Minion Paradise Tips and Tricks: Top 11 Tricks to Earn more Royalties!

Minion Paradise Introduction

Minion Paradise is a familiar term for all dedicated gamers and yellow henchmen lovers! The city building game is constructive as it indulges user to an engaging storyline exclusively. The player named as ‘Phil’ is the one who ruins everything. Did you know the fun of minions have arrived at paradise.

Phil along with other minions are chilling out on a cruise, but due to Phil’s hilarious act the ship leads to an accident with other minions onboard. You as a player need to help Phile becomes a good pariah, your job is to help him turn an island into a tropical paradise and earn points as well as get qualified for other levels. If you need help to building up in anything about minion paradise then go down to know tips.

Minion Paradise Tips and Tricks

11 Tips and Tricks to Rescue Minions and Earn Rewards

This article brings tips and tricks about sayings of minions that would help Phile become popular. Help Phil to impress his furious yellow friends after the ship has drowned. Turn the music on and turn the Island into a Rock and Roll party destination better called as “Minion Paradise”. Let’s read below to know how:

1. Rescue the Minions

The main priority of the game is to rescue your minion  friends drowned in the sea. To do this check request board and complete quests to bring new minions. Unlock new mission and earn points and currency for better longevity.

2. Advancement in the Game

To sustain yourself in the game, the user needs to fulfill job board assignment and bring new minions or collect XP points. Also, make sure that the XP is running to yield more party points. Another option to earn points is by completing mini games. The Bulletin Board requirements treats with doubloons, XP points and currency.

3. Upgrade Phile to Utilize Party Favors

Phil needs to entertain his friends using celebration stations or distractivities. The minions enjoy themselves with party favors granted by celebration stations. Distract your minion friends by bribing them with food cravings, loud pop music to match their dance steps. You can draw minions with easy steps.

Minion Paradise Tips

4. Fetch more Currency!

Currency is earned in the form of doubloons and completing the assigned jobs mentioned on the bulletin board. You can even sell unwanted items to clear up some storage space. Be careful, don’t sell things that might turn useful to complete your assignments.

5. Make Storage Space for Newer Items!

Make sure you make space  by removing the unwanted things. To sell post the item. If the product is not bought, shell out more doubloons to delete the post. Remember, products need to be sold to the captain, which would be applicable after the 8th level is reached.

6. Collect more and more Points!

Phil can throw a party if he earns enough Party points. Parties unlock new items that boosts your performance speed. Bring more and more minions, complete tasks and earn points. Fasten your belts to earn more points!

7. Connect on Facebook

Enhance your gaming experience by connecting on Facebook and play with up to 4 friends. Make the full of Minion Stuart by completing requests for him and the cute minion will surely help you to move forward to another level.

 8. How to Earn Sand Dollars?

To sell rare or unwanted items, tap on the buyer Minion who usually appears near the Tiki lounge. Bargain on the price and ask how much sand dollars he is willing to give. To sell your items, visit Storage or Markletplace. Display the item and set the price and tap ‘Sell’. The time will go live in the Buy section of your friends on Facebook.

9. Acquire more Reward points from Celebration Station

Don’t lose your opportunity to win more reward points. Curious to know why? The celebration stations contain stickies that offers ‘Mix and Match’ tasks. Work hard to complete the tasks to earn party points and dollars. Watch out for stickies that offer higher rewards. Note, the Mix tasks always yields more royalties. Unlock a minion story to grab party points and dollars.We have lots of collection of minions pumpkins!

Minion Paradise Tricks

10. Boost your game with 2X Speed Boost!

The 2X speed boost is earned after earning a party. The count down for speed boost starts soon after you move out of your party mood. Once speed boost starts, crafting and producing items gets faster. Experience the fast forward

11. Fetch more party points

To get more party points, the minions characters need to fill the Party Meter. Party points are a bonus and gives the pleasure of partying hard. The party meter grants some rewards and helps to unlock new structure once filled completely.  With each party, one minion becomes a part of the minion paradise. Beware! You may even get doubloon and power ups that may hinder your building speed temporarily.

Minion Paradise: Minions Partying Hard!

Minion Paradise is just the perfect game which we all desire to live in reality! The game gives you adorable banana lovers and an interesting storyline. Lose yourself in the Minion Paradise and sink into collecting party points, celebration stations, doubloons and exploring every level. Download the Minion Paradise and hone your skills to become a party perfectionist! Click to know more!



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