Minion Names and Characters Complete List [Infographics]

Minion Names List

We love minions like you do. Explore all Minion names and characters. Know Bob Minion, Stuart Minion, Gru, Phil, Kevin and plenty of other minions character from here.Minions are unbelievably cute. Minions names are the favorite fantasy today. Right from the kid’s toy shop to people’s theme parties, minions are creating whirls everywhere. Despicable Me movies have given us visual of more than 10,000 minions at a time on the screen. Looking at their similar small and round cylindrical structures, it is difficult to keep track of minion names and minions characters.

We have highlighted here the three protagonist despicable me characters. They include Bob minion, Dave Minion, Kevin minion and minion Stuart. With so many cute little characters, it is hard to decide whom to name first. We have given here profile of some very adorable minion names. Further, we have also stated all the minions names here. Me minion has collection of all minion memes and images. You can find all minion names. You can check out with their characters details in  further posts.

Once you will start embarking your way to minions characters, you will realize how well you know them. The minion fever is high and hence this will surely be a fun for you. By now, we all know them as small yellow colored creatures who entered our world with Despicable Me and despicable me 3 films. They will be memorable always as one eyed or two-eyed creatures with cuteness overloaded. Even Gru, evil mastermind too has fallen in love with hard work of minions. Take a look below and you will know all minion names just like Gru.

Below infographics about minion names and characters will easily help you to identify your favorite minion characters.

minion names

Despicable Me Minions Names

Here are some very adorable Despicable Me Minions names. Names of minions will be in your heart and they make you crazy with their cutest gestures.

  1. Dave
  2. Stuart
  3. Bob
  4. Jerry
  5. Carl
  6. Kevin
  7. Tim
  8. Mark
  9. Phil
  10. John
  11. Josh
  12. Steve
  13. Donny
  14. Ken
  15. Mike
  16. Paul
  17. Lance
  18. Larry
  19. Jorge
  20. Tom
  21. Norbert
  22. Chris
  23. Darwin

Minion Names & Character

minion names

If you are wondering how the minions are, you will know the best of them here. Meet your favourite minions; Bob minion, Dave minion, minion Stuart, Tim minion and others. They all are hardworking, overtly expressive, naïve and with minimal self-control. But they hold some uniqueness too. Lets learn about each minion names and its character one by one. Additionally, you can go through minion quotes in case if you are planning to greet someone.

Bob Minion

Indeed the most adorable of all the minion names and despicable me characters is the Bob. He is the smallest one and always accompanied by the other with minion name Tim the Bear. He is small by size and by personality too. Truly, known as younger brother of the minions characters.

Kevin Minion

Meet the tallest of all minion names Kevin who is also the most courageous. The leader of minion characters who seeks to search a new master.

Minion Stuart

Out of the main three protagonist minions names, Stuart is the only one with a single eye. He is funny and with little craziness. Stuart is always ready to eat all bananas he sees in front of his eyes.

Dave Minion

Dae is a great connoisseur of ice-cream and passionate for playing video games. Dave minion plays a significant role in the sequel. He is adored when he gets ready in dress of evil minion with Stuart.

Jerry Minion

If you are in awe of this slim minion character, you must be surely in love with his jovial and playful personal. Of course you must be knowing the speaker of famous ‘Whaaaattt’ reaction in 2010 Despicable Me. Jerry is two eyed, plump and short despicable me character.


Carl is a plump minion character with sprout haircut. He is a great fun loving minion and love enjoying with his friends.


There are hundreds of minions and tons of minion names. But we remember Tim as a guy who loves dressing up a lot. He poses as a dad in his special get up and bearded look.

Now we know most of the minions by their minions names. In a future, we will be extending the minion names once new characters are released in an upcoming movie. And your fun at reading and sharing minion quotes will be doubled. A huge collection of funny minion quotes has already been shared with the readers. Share this adorable minion names with your friends. A new despicable me 3 movie is about to come in some days. Have fun using the minions names and Despicable Me quotes. We have also shared funny minion quotes and Despicable Me Characters at our blog dedicated to minions. If we have missed including any of minion names that you like, do share with us. Our editing team will include all the new minion characters and names here.

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