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Overview for Minion Mini Movies

The yellow henchmen are adored for their cute mischieves, adorable behavior, funny appearance and their irressistable love for B-A-N-A-N-A! We all love these charming henchmen featured in the Despicable Me franchise. Their magical spell came upon us in the year 2010 with the infamous title ‘Despicable Me’. These American animated movies was admired widely due to this alluring goggle wearers. Go down to know about minion mini movies.

After being portrayed in the 4 biggest hits namely: Despicable Me (2010), Despicable Me (2013), Minions (2015), recently released Despicable Me 3 (2017) and the upcoming Minions 2 (2020). It has been an all favorite movie for both children and adults.The characters of despicable me are interesting.Besides, these movies, there are many mini movies that give us short glimpses of the yellow creature. This article will talk about the short duration movies that have been released just on audience demand.

Mini Minion Movies online

Minion Mini Movies: A treat to the eyes

There are around 10 minion mini movies made by Universal Pictures and the Illumination Entertainment. Huge popularity and love for these cute little creatures have forced the makers to equip their audience regular dose of hilarious  mini movies. This article contains 4 such me minions mini movies.

Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda, Samuel Tourneux, Chris Renaud.

Created by: Sergio Pablos

Duration: 4-5 minutes

Mini Movies Release date Directors Duration
Home Makeover 2010 Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
5 mins
Orientation Day 2010 Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
4 mins
Banana 2010 Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
4 mins
Puppy 2013 Fabrice Joubert
Mark O’hare
4 mins
Panic in the Mailroom 2013 Eric Favela
Régis Schuller
4 mins
Training Wheels 2013 Yarrow Cheney
Bruno Dequier
4.5 mins
Binky Nelson Unpacified 2015 Fabrice Joubert
Brian Lynch
5 mins
Competition 2015 Régis Schuller
Didier Ah-Koon
5 mins
Cro Minion 2015 Kyle Balda
Julien Soret
4 mins
Mower Minions 2016 Bruno Chauffard
Glenn McCoy
4 mins

Verify the movies you have seen and make sure don’t miss any of these above mini movies!

1) Home Makeover


Just after the popularity of Despicable Me in 2010, three movies were released purely on audience demand that was connected with the Despicable Me movie.  The first movie titled as ‘Home Makeover’ was out on December 14, 2010. The movie revolves around Gru’s 3 adopted daughters. The Inspector Ms. Hattie visiting Gru’s house to check if it is ideal for the adopted girls. Watch out the video that includes both fun, along with it explore a true father daughter relationship.


The evil villain Gru has experienced a change of heart and is willing to adopt the 3 girls named Margo, Edith, Agnes who was brought as pawns to accompany him in his mission to steal the moon.  The felonious Gru transforms himself into a caring dad and decides to adopt the three girls. The 3 girls are at Gru’s place and get a call from a social worker who is coming to check if the place is perfect for the small girls who are adopted from Hattie’s home for girls. In the absence of gru, the three girls decided to have a makeover for the villain-like house.

Gru’s house is filled with scary things, making it look more villainous and scary. In the absence of Gru, the girls renovate the house with beautiful decorations like painting the house, filling spikes in the coffin with tennis balls, shrinking the deadly weapons and more. The inspector enters and Margo and minions transform into the adoptive parent to address the inspector. After the inspection, he leaves the house and finds Gru standing outside. He faints making Gru surprised to see minions and Margo coming out from the jacket. At the end, he faints after happy seeing the worker’s report that stated that the house is suitable for girls.

LOL Moments

The video is filled with happy moments from the starting to the end along with a heartwarming message at the end. The hilarious minion mini movies moments trying to hide from the inspector, the process of house makeover and more.

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2) Orientation Day


The second short film features about the orientation day of three newly recruited minions watching a short movies about their jobs and their responsibilities. The movie was released combined with the other 2 movies ‘Home Makeover’ and ‘Banana’.


The movies starts with 3 newly recruited minions who enter a theatre to see a video as an orientation to join  Gru Laboratories. The video consists of the scientific discoveries, adventures and the evil actions taking place in the laboratory. Along with it, they are given a dose of etiquettes that is expected from them. The three are assigned as bomb transporters and are given some rules and regulations.

They enjoy the orientation and march towards their duty. As they exit, each one is allocated with a bomb  and start moving towards their place of work. As in the orientation, it was shown that they should allow the huge bomb to go first. On their way, they meet minions carrying a huge bomb, instead of letting it go, these minions get into a battle resulting into all the bombs exploding.

LOL Moments

The video might be difficult to understand at the beginning with some boring minion mini movies faces who have a monotonous work of showing orientation followed by the 3 cute minions who are excited on their first day. As they move out, they come across a huge rocket carried by minions, instead of following the instructions shown in the orientation, they get into a brawl and drop both the rockets resulting in destruction of the laboratory.

3) Banana


The minions yelling B-A-N-A-N-A is the only thing that can be understood. The third one is based on the ‘Despicable Me’ series released on the same date by the same Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Minions are a huge fan of bananas and what will happen if so many minions run behind just one banana. They speak in their banana language.To translate your language intominin language visit our blog where you can get your language into minion words through minion translator. Get into a joyride of watching these cute minions running from one end to another chasing the banana. Find out who gets it?


Some serious work is going on in the Gru’s laboratory and one minion seems quite distracted with a banana possessed by him. The moment he peels it to have a delicious bite, he is interrupted by another minion. The number of minions fighting for the banana gradually increases and here the fun begins. Who gets the banana then? After all the hard work and hilarious fighting the banana eventually falls into a hole. It ends, after a minion mini movies is seen eating an apple and all the yellow minions rush towards the apple.

LOL Moments

The short clip is filled with many LOL and AWWW moments.The journey of the poor banana as it goes into the hands of several minions, but at the end it falls into a hole. The chasing continues, but now it is the apple!

4) Panic in the Mailroom


This short film was released with 2 adorable movies titled ‘Training Wheels’ and ‘Puppy’ attached with home release of Despicable me 2, released on December 10, 2013. It is based on the PX-41 serum. A dangerous mutator that can turn any living thing into purple and evil minions. The same serum that was used by El Macho and Dr. Nefario to transform innocent yellow minions into purple evil.


Ken and Mike are busy working in the mailroom. Mike is dedicated to his work while Ken is lazy and loves playing video game. A box carrying expired PX-41 arrives and lazy Ken throws the package into the designated chute. He gets engrossed in playing the video game, very little does he know, that the package is getting jammed in the chute. Somehow, Mike fixes the issue, but the box explodes, sprinkling some on Mike’s face.

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Mike turns into an evil and eats all the packages causing destruction in the laboratory. A box of kittens arrives, Ken tries to save them, but unfortunately some serum falls on the cute kittens, who turn into monsters.

LOL Moments

The climax of this short clip is at the end when Mike turns into a monster and eventually the kittens get transformed into monsters. This also gives us a serious message stating that a small mistake can be injurious.

Final Words!

There are many such minion mini movies that are trending on the Internet.We had also provided HD wallpapers for minions with movies. The list doesn’t end here, experience funny moments with these enchanting minions. Try hard not to laugh on their silly but cute actions. Fall in love with these one or two eyed minions and their fussy moves.

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