Minion Memes: Best Funny Minions Memes Ideas

Minion Memes

Meet the craziest minion memes and minion ideas. The funny popcorn looking minions have amazing ideas on everything you can dream of. Be it diet, fitness, attitude or friendship and relations. Minions have the best way of expressing all sorts of stress busters. Lol moments are guaranteed as you will meet these crazy minions memes. Check tons of minion quotes and minion jokes at our blog.Minion memes are actually a cartoon characters.

If you are looking to make your friends smile, nothing is better than sharing these minion memes and quotes.  Minions have their say for everything from food to sleep; from love to hatred. And may be that is how people love to express their emotions and attitudes through these cute and stout creatures. In case you really want to grow up your long tiring boring life then nothing could better then these minions memes. We had listed funny,minions, go down to see them. Go down to get best memes ideas.

Social media is connecting family members and friends across the world. Minions are an interesting way to spread laughter and fun. A way of expressing attitudes and ideas is redefined with minions quotes and memes. Whatever you will say, you will never say it without making others smile. Saying things not without making others smile have become a trend. Minions have brought this lovely trend and hence we have shared the minion memes here. We are sure the cute minions memes are irresistible to share. You will fall in love with them and would love to spread them in your groups.

Minion Memes

Best Minion Memes

Let’s check out some of the best minion memes and quotes. A long list of funny minion quotes, sayings and messages was already shared here.

If having fun is equal to being immature, I love to be immature.

If you have planned for a great dinner tonight, I am all available!

I am not fat! I am generously built!

Exercise for me is just some ‘”extra fries.”

Don’t blame me for my simple looks. I am not born to impress you.

You are not a friend to someone if you don’t feel like irritating him.

Running behind a truck of ice-cream is my favourite exercise.

No one is stupid. Still everyone will look at you when you shout, “hey stupid.”

The only problem with Monday is that it comes after Sunday.

Cleaning is my favourite job when someone else is doing it for me.

You are always not what you eat. I prefer skinniest bananas.

Minions Memes best Minion Memes

top minion memes best Minion Memes best Minion Memes for facebook

Additional, minion memes are shared below. Readers can share it on WhatsApp, Facebook and many other social media network easily. Images are shared so it becomes much easier to share it. Before that, you must know about minions and where they come from. Some of the guides given here can help you a lot.

Hilarious Minions Memes for Whatsapp and Facebook

Minions are popular among kids and youngsters. They come out with cool and bold down to earth statements at every juncture. This shrill way of dealing with life has become favourite all over the world.

funny minion meme best minion meme

When a woman doesn’t reply immediately, she wants you to change your statement.

The biggest favour you can do to your friends is never let them feel alone.

Two rules for happy marriage: 1. Wife is always right. 2. Refer to rule 1.

The biggest miracle on the earth happens when two women are sitting alone silently.

Online shopping is my favourite because when they arrive, I feel like receiving a present.

Remotes are better than wives. They have a mute button.

Happiness is when you and your best friend secretly call someone by a nickname.

Explore collections of minion quotes and minions sayings too. Minions are the coolest way of spreading fun and laughter. Visit us to enjoy and share best minion memes and funniest minion ideas. Friendship is expressed in thousand ways and one of them is now sharing minion memes. We are sure you would love to share these minions memes with your friends and kin.

These bizarre but cute creatures from Despicable Me2 have made the world crazy. Their bold expressions and funny attitude towards everything has become a favourite stuff on the internet. Share us with other minion fans. No matter your favorite is Bob or Kevin or Phil, know all minion characters here. Meet all minion characters and best despicable me2 quotes at portal.

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    These are awesome Jokes ….minions always put a smile on my face even when am sad

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    thes minin mems r sooooo gud eye lafed 4 dayes

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