How to Speak Minion Language Minionese?

Minion Language- Minionese

Do you want to learn Minion Language? The minions are now most adorable fantasy creates. They are small table shaped and yellow colored creature with one or two eyes. They have become most trending way of spreading fun and humor. Kevin, Bob minion, Stuart Minion, Dave, Carl and other minions have made the new minion-ese language buzzing all around. In case, if you are not familiar with them, then you can refer minion names and characters encyclopedia. Today we will show how much and how minions use languages.

Their weird reactions and funny syllables are now the latest language of minions. They have typical English names, but their language is gibberish and funny. The minions language is also known as Banana Language for their uncontrollable passion for Bananas. Me minion is their new house and as a crazy fan,we have covered everything that a minion fan craves for. The minion language translation is given here for most common words used by minions.

how to speak minionese

Creating a distinct minion language was the most natural thing for the makers of Despicable Me 2. As we are shown that Minions have served hundreds of masters all over the world. And hence it is not possible that they hold any single earthly language. Words from different languages like Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino and Korean are used to create this jargon-ed way of speaking. If you are a minion fan, you would know how shaky the way of despicable me characters is. But do you know some words of this language are translatable?

We have given below translation of some words of this peculiar language. So great is the hype around the minions after Despicable Me 2, that people have explored their way of speaking. Online minion language translators are searched by minions fans to learn the minionese. The minionese language contains words from many other languages and you will get to know some of them.The minion language is known as Minionese or Banana Language for their passion for Bananas.

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Minion Language Translation & Dictionary

Basically the words spoken by minions are funny, shaky and accompanied by some physiological characteristics. Here are some most common phrases from the minionese language:

Minion to English Dictionary

Poppadum a common minion phrase
Kanpai Cheers
Gelato Ice cream
Hana dul sae One two three
Para tu For you
Pwede na Can we start
Thank yu Thank you
Poopaye Goodbye
Bello Hello
Me want banana I m hungry
Underwear I swear
Bananonina Ugly
Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do Fire!
Tatata bala tu I hate you
Tulaliloo ti amo We love you
Chasy Chair
Baboi Toy
Luk at tu Look at you
Po ka What
La Boda Marriage
Stupa! Stupa! Stop Stop
Buttom Bottom
Bable Apple
Bi do I am sorry
Muak muak muak Kiss kiss
Bananonina Ugly
Sa la ka How dare you

Minion Language Translator

So far, we have seen minions in three movies; Despicable Me, despicable Me 2, despicable me 3 and Minions. though there are minion-ese translator available online, we have explored origin of some words. The minions are voiced by the director Pierre Coffin. Naturally, he has gone gibberish to make the language sound funny. Minion-ese as it is named has become a universal language of fun. The random sounds spoken by minions can be translated into actual words. Though it is not exactly a new language but a common fun language that connects people from all parts of globe.

We would rather call it a universal lingo which is loaded with hilarity. The minions language has derived words from all other languages including French, Italian, Hindi (Indian), Japanese, Korea, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish.  For example, the word Gelato meaning ice cream is straight away taken from Italy. The minion word “terimakasi” for thank you is taken from Indonesian language. However some phrases are signifying some regional distinctness. “Poulet tiki masalal” roughly refers to popular curry in UK or chicken tikka masala in India. As it goes with all languages, the body language, pitches and tones mean as much as the words used in this banana language.

Note: Click on image to enlarge minion language chart

minion language chart

As we said earlier, despicable me language is rather a lingo and a way to bring the teenagers of the world together. Thanks to minionese we have a way with which we all can laugh together without any barrier of region and language. Needless to say, a great way of connecting world for sake of crude fun. And minionese is truly catching on! If you know some more words and phrases from minion language, do share them here. Do not forget to check the funny minion quotes and Despicable Me 2 characters at our site.

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