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Funny Minion Jokes

Hilarious Minion jokes to share with your friends for funniest moments. Catch some funny moments with your buddies by sharing these crazy minions jokes and quotes. Minions are bound to make you laugh and let you spread laughter. Our blog offers best quotes and images of these cool Despicable Me characters. Minions have become synonymous with fun and shrill expression of attitudes. For Every human laughter is the best medicine.

They are popular with youngsters as well kids. We have already shared a guideline on how to draw a minion. You will also like the collection of minion jokes and minion cartoons. It will be a great fun to share them with your kids and friends. Whether you are a minions fan or no; these cute minion jokes will make you fall in love with them. When it comes to sharing light moments with your buddies using social media, minions are the trendiest way to do it. Jokes are too good for health even they can change our sad mood.

Minions are crazy and funny in all ways. Their round funny shape and their cool attitudes are just favourite of everyone. They make us laugh with their love for bananas and their bursting statements. Try sharing these jokes as minion status to stay funny and cute. You will make your friends laugh with these minion jokes and cartoons. Our site carries a huge collection of minion quotes and despicable me sayings and messages. The jokes shared here are as funny and witty as minions are. Read on the minions jokes to have a smile on your face in a fraction of a second.In our post you will found found and save ideas about Minion jokes

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Minions Jokes with Minion Pictures

Minions are stupid or smart. But dead sure they are going to be funny and witty. Minions quotes sometimes also carry great messages to deal with life. May be that is why these funny yellow creatures have become tremendously popular. Here are some funny minion jokes to catch some lol moments. Learn more about minions from below links

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I start everyday with good attitude and great intentions. But stupid arrive from anywhere.

You are less exposed to get kidnapped when you are fat and round.

Being slim and flat is not an earth shaking talent.

Why they expect us to work from Monday when we have worked last week!

Money always talk. They just say goodbye to me!

Caring is good. I care so much about money!

Home is the best place. I can look as ugly as I want.

Every family has at least one bizarre relative. If you can’t find anyone in your family, probably it’s you.

When I look into your eyes without talking, you are supposed to follow the script in my brain.

In addition to the above minion jokes, you can also go through some of the hand curated jokes given below. Below are new funny minion jokes for you. Make sure to download the images or share with the friends on Facebook or whatsapp.

Funny Minion Status to Share on Whatsapp and Facebook

Looking for something cool and funny to share on social media with your friends? Want to make someone smile at once? Share these minion jokes and status for guaranteed fun and laugh.

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Whenever I am sad, you are around me. Whenever I feel low, you are there beside me. Whenever things are out of control, you are present. I am afraid, but you are a bad luck for me!

If we are not supposed to eat from the fridge in the midnight, why there is a light inside.

Your favourite food contains least calories when no one is seeing you eating.

I feel so cheated when someone calls me ‘Normal’, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Sweet.’ But I am definitely honest.

The most difficult moment of life: when you have to explain why you are late for work.

If your mind is so pure, how does it understands all dirty things I say.

I am not being sarcastic. It’s just that my brain is healthier than yours.

Who says better days never come. They feel them coming on every Fridays.

So was our collection of some stupid, some cute and some funny minion jokes. Just pick your favourite one and share with your friends. We know you will find them irresistible to share as we. Send the minion cartoons and minions jokes to those whom you know are unhappy or angry. Funny minion jokes are sure to eliminate all sadness and all rows. Our site is to bring everything you would love to know about minions. Do not forget to know all minion characters. Also, have more fun with our post by reading  the minion language. Keep visiting us whenever you want to catch some light moments or make your friends smile.

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