Minion Horde: Strategies and Cards to Counter the Powerful Minion Horde

The Minion Horde is prominent card found in the PEKKA Playhouse that costs 5 elixir and is deployed on the side of the map. The minion Horde is unlocked from the P.E.K.KA ‘s at Arena 4. The minion creates 6 single target, winged minions that generate high points, short ranged,less damage. This card is regarded as the strongest card in the games of minions. At tournament level, minions have DPS  (Damage per second) at 84. The number rises to 504 when 6 minions combine, with the minion Horde in hand, there are chances to win the game. Minion horde are paler in skin color compare to other meminions.It is start with the levels! To go in detail, go down!

Minion Horde: About

The powerful air unit ‘Minion Horde’ joint the popular game Clash Royale in the year 2016. Clash Royale is a real time multiplayer game. The strategic games allow the player to earn rewards, collect powerful new cards and much more. Destroy opponent’s towers to win crowns and bring the Clash Royale family to victory! Download now!

minions horde level 1

Strength of Minion Horde:

Minion Horde comes from the troop count of 6. With the attack speed of 1, may destroy a distracted tower. It depends on the card rotation, it can be possible to deploy 2 hordes that may be difficult to defend against. Minions have different types of names to know their name visit our blog which describe you details about minions names.

Weakness of Minion Horde:

The weakness of these minions is the area attacks. The range troops can easily counter the horde, even when they are arranged behind one of the towers. Ranged troops in your deck, you have a defense action against the card.

8 Best Cards to Counter the Minion Horde!

There are some cards that synergize with the Minion Horde:

  1. Arrows: This is the easiest and fastest mode to counter the minion. The arrows will completely kill horde and troops in the radius. Buy arrows only at  3 elixir to the minion Horde’s 5, to get a 2 elixir trade off. Play the Clash Royale game like a real warrior!
  2. Fire Spirits: This is too a powerful weapon to hunt down the Minion Horde. This weapon deal with splash damage that can destroy the entire horde with your fire spirits. It has to be placed far back so that the minion doesn’t get warned.
  3. Baby Dragon: The baby dragon needs to have plenty of time to spawn, otherwise it may be killed quickly. The baby dragon is an easy prey, but at the same time, it may be a good start for a defense.
  4. Princess: If you use it correctly, this would surely work. Not all players will be having the princess, this makes it hard to play. The princess will take much time to shoot one volley of arrows. She will need 2 volleys to hunt the minion down. Be patient, Give her time!
  5. Fireball: it acts as a powerful bunch of arrows. The arrows need to be brought before the fireball. The biggest drawback of this is that it may kill wizard, barbs, musketeer. It costs 1 elixir extra, but is worth.
  6. Zap: to use this weapon, the Minion Horde should be alone. If not alone, it won’t die completely as the tower will be in focus not the minion. Much damage will be caused to horde when alone! Stay alert and strike at the perfect moment!
  7. Poison: it is time consuming. During their entire journey towards your tower, immerse therm in the poison spell and if you become unsuccessful, they may destruct your tower.

Strategies to be used in Clash Royale to Hunt the Minion Horde

1. Deployment:

This mistake is commonly made by players, people deploy it anywhere. Instead, the minion should be deployed in a square to get maximum value. The square is situated between the tower and bridge. If placed too far, it would hunt down the opponents attacking units. In case, it is placed close to the tower, it won’t have enough time to kill. If the opponent is ranged then place the meminions one square up or the enemy may lock your tower.

It is important to wisely use the strongest defensive units, i.e. Minion Horde. We bring a list of the units that would be shut down by the Minion Horde such as archers, barbarians, bomber, baby dragon, bowler, dark prince, fire spirit, giant, goblins, guards, knight, musketeer, mega minion etc. Others include:

Ice Spirit

Ice Wizard

Hog Rider

Inferno Dragon

Lava Hound


Mini P.E.K.K.A


Skeleton Army


Spear Goblins

3 Muskies

Goblin Barrel


The witch and the list continue.

Also, there are some units that the Minion Horde won’t be able to shut down completely. It includes Giant Skeleton (bomb), Miner, Golem (death damage), Prince.

2. For Counters, the player can go for the harder counters like the below:

When the Minion Horde is used defensively, opt for weapons like wizard, fire spirits, arrows, fireball, rocket or poison. In the opposite case, counters like Wizard, arrows, fire spirits, fireball, rocket, poison, Ice Golam, Minion Horde, zap, tornado, goblins, skeleton. Soft counters can also be done over the opponents. It may be spear goblins,  ice spirit, minions, infrastructure.

The best hard counters to kill the minion horde is the arrows. When the horde is used defensively, arrows aren’t effective. The time taken by the arrows to reach the horde is 3.25 seconds, the opponent may take one second to react. Thus, before dying the Horde is capable to cause 1638 damage on the enemy troops.

Minions horde play levels

3. Tips to kill the Horde

Below, we have health left some units obtained where arrows are used as counter. It is assumed that the person playing the arrows may take 1 second to react. We have a list of the possibilities to kill the horde to attain maximum benefits.

  1. Royal Giant: 906
  2. Barbarians: 906 (2 survivors)
  3. Elite Barbarians: 142 (Just one survives barely)
  4. Giant Skeleton: 1022
  5. Giant: 1706
  6. PEKKA: 1820
  7. Golem: 2619 (excluding golemites)
  8. Lava Hound: 1362

These statistics may not be exactly as written here. These statistics are liable when there are no other variables. In the actual games, the interactions may differ.The perfect way to counter MinioN Horde is through kiting. Kiting is to use one unit to pull across the opposite lanes. Both the crown towers are allowed to target the unit. Not all troops can perform this tactic. Some troops who can do it are the Ice Golam, Skeletons, Goblins.

The kiting is an excellent tool to shut down zap bait, which is a common use for minion horde. With this, the horde shuts down the Horde and allows you to keep your zap. Other strategies include: Hide small troops under the Minion Horde, may surely surprise your opponent.


The card game is quite interesting if played attentively. It is a proper showcase of your talent and management skills. There are several other enemies waiting to encounter your towers. We also provide the minions rush game, minion’s paradise for lovers of minions.Be a real hero and save your city!

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