How to Draw A Minion Step By Step Guide [Video + Image]

How to Draw A Minion

Do you know how to draw a Minion? Here is simple tutorial on drawing minion sketch step by step. Minions may seem tough to draw at first. Drawing them following the steps given here will make it very easy for you. We have given here a fast and easy way of drawing minions. The tutorial given here guides you to draw standard minions like Stuart and Dave. Sketching out your favorite Despicable Me 2 characters will seem like a fun after going through this post.

Do start your drawing with a pencil sketch first before dark drawing and coloring . Use a smooth and light pencil to draw the sketch of minions. Get ready with your pencil, paper and follow the steps on how to draw a minion effectively.Our guide on how to draw a minion will help you to draw all minions using the basic shapes. Sketching out minions is a fun. The purple minions are really look cute. You can draw even them.

You can give different features to draw out different minion characters. You can draw Bob, Dave, Stuart or Tim. Depending on each new minion you are drawing, change the facial expressions and eyes accordingly. If you are arranging a thematic fun party on minions, drawings of minion will help you a lot. You can create amazing decoration for your minion theme parties by using the minion drawings.If you want to draw a one-eyed Minion like Stuart then this post will surely help you.

How to Draw A Minion [Videos]

Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial on How To Draw A Minion

Here is a step by step complete tutorial on how to draw a minion from Despicable Me:

how to draw a minion

Minion Sketch

  1. Start with drawing out a circle on the upper part of page. You can draw an oval shape instead of circle if you are planning to draw minion characters like Josh.
  2. Draw horizontal and vertical lines across the circle making a sign similar to a cross with the vertical line stretching out of the circle. Short lines will help you draw short minions.
  3. The easiest part is here. If you want to draw a one-eyed minion, just draw a bigger circle for eye in the middle of the first circle. Similarly sketch out two circles, each on both the sides to draw a two-eyed minion.
  4. Draw a small shape similar to alphabet D in the first bigger circle to draw minion’s mouth.
  5. Under the circle drawn to create minion’s head, draw a big shape similar to alphabet U. See that the ends of the horizontal line drawn in step two touches the ends of the U shape. The end of the vertical line drawn in step two will also be touching the middle of the U shape.
  6. Draw out double lines in curve shape on both the sides of the big U shape to draw arms of minions. The left side curved lines should be pointing towards head. Draw the curved lines at the other side in a dropping down position.
  7. Draw small circles at the end of each of the curved lines to draw minion’s hands. Give small lines off the small circles for the fingers.
  8. Make two small rectangular shapes (without the top line) below the minion’s body to show the pant cuffs.
  9. Make small U shapes below each pant cut to draw shoes of minions.
  10. Till the above step, you should draw lightly. Now since, the basic shape of minion is ready, you can finish up your drawing by making it darker.
  11. Darken the minion’s eyes create pupils as show in picture with small circles. Also draw small lines for googles and small shapes as show in picture for straps of goggles.
  12. Draw small lines at top and bottom of each circle to show upper and lower eyelids for minion eyes.
  13. Now, you can draw few small squared shapes on the upper side of the minion’s mouth to give effect of teeth.
  14. Now finalize the finishing for minions head. Draw out few curved lines to show hair parting. You can bring variations in drawing hair according to the minion you want to draw out.
  15. Draw overall straps using two long rectangular shapes just above the arms. Create buttons using small circles.
  16. Draw the topmost part of minions overall in the U shaped body part just below the minion’s mouth.
  17. Give a shape for pocket in the centre of minion body and also draw Gru logo with a G in the middle of it. Follow the pictures given.
  18. Give a finishing to the pants portion.
  19. Make the hand and fingers dark to show minion’s gloves.
  20. Finish final sketch with sketch pens. Now you can rub the pencil marks and your minion is ready.

Minion Sketch | Colouring Minions

Since you are done with how to draw a minion, get ready to add colours to the minion sketch. Now, you can colour it as below using crayons or sketch pens or other colouring material:

minion coloring

  • Minions Skin : Yellow
  • Goggles Straps, Gloves, Overall buttons and Shoes: Black
  • Goggles: Grey
  • Minion Eyes: Brown
  • Remaining parts: Blue

We are sure not you will agree that you don’t have to be a skilled artist to draw minion. You can just sketch out some basic shapes following above guidelines to etch out a brilliant minion drawing. Teach your kids to draw Bob Minion, Dave Minion or Stuart Minion with the help of this simple way. All minion names and characters drawing are available here. Enjoy creating these blue-yellow fun creatures from Despicable Me who are favourite anime character today. We have also shared funny minion quotes and minion language at this site.

Share our site with your dear ones and spread some fun moments. We would love to hear your views on our tutorial for how to draw a minion. Hope you are now able to draw a minion sketch in few minutes. Stay with us for everything you want to know about minions and minion characters.

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