Villain Gru Despicable Me: Understanding the Role of the Super Villian

This article will talk about protagonist Gru Despicable Me, not minions? Nevertheless,Gru is less remembered as compared to the Minions. The adorable creatures are found almost everywhere gaining huge popularity. It is natural to forget the protagonist ‘Gru’ in comparison to these banana lovers. Let’s try to talk about the Gru Despicable Me instead of the cute creatures. Gru Despicable Me is Gru’s nemesis who kidnapped Gru’s minions and brainwashed them by converting them into purple minions.

Despicable ME: About the Popular Animated Series

Despicable me is a computer-based animated comedy film franchise produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. The story revolves around super villain ‘Gru’ and his yellow servicemen. Gru was earlier regarded as a supervillian, but he later turns himself into a protective father.

Villain Gru Despicable Me

The villian owns these  yellow-colored Minions who help him to produce weapons. The American series shows how the super villain turns into a superdad. The protagonist shares a beautiful bond between his beautiful orphan daughters named as Margo, Edith, and Agnes and also his minions.

The Despicable Me is a franchise with 3 hit movies, namely Despicable Me (2010), Despicable Me 2 (2013), Minions (2015) and an upcoming film Despicable 3 set to release this 14th June, 2017. The Despicable Me franchise reflects the love between a father and his three adopted daughters. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, the movie perfectly fits itself in a fantasy world full of minions and dangerous missions. Know more!

Get introduced to the Minion world again this June, the world is expected to explode in a sea of yellow, denim and google eyes. From Merchandise and funnies on Social Media to an obsession with banana, Gru’s henchmen from the Despicable Me will spill everywhere.

Awards Earned by Despicable Me

The  Despicable Me was nominated at several prominent award functions and received the Blimp Award for Favorite Animated Movie. The popular banana lover rocked several award functions, but failed against other animated movies having a better concept or technical skills.

Super Villian Gru: Description

Gru is portrayed as a supervillain and a jelly manufacturer. He is tall, bald man with blue eyes, long nose and a strong physique. As a child, Gru Despicable Me made a real rocket at his own, this proves him to be extremely intelligent and powerful. The supervillain turned into a protective dad of three adopted girls. The story begins as such:

Super Villian minion Gru

Supervillain Gru is accompanied by his enemy ‘Vector’ who stole the Pyramid of Giza and with this remarks as the crime of the century. Bobbling with anger, Gru builds a plan to steal the moon! He adopts three girls, namely Margo, Edith and Agnes and uses them as pawns in his dangerous mission. The felonious Gru feels warmth towards the girls who help him become a good man.Minions, the yellow henchmen featured in ‘Despicable Me’ movie series are a huge hit. It may  be theme parties, whatsapp dp or the early morning Despicable Me wallpapers.

He converts into a stay-at-home dad and turns his lab into a jelly manufacturing place. The anti villain league calls Gru to accomplish a mission to stop the thief stealing the PX-41 mutagen. For the mission, he is accompanied by Agent Lucy Wilde and both successfully tracks down El Macho and fall in love. The story ends with beautiful words ‘Happily Married’.

Personality of Gru Despicable Me

Let’s understand more about the man having a signature weapon the Freezy Ray! Protagonist Gru was a powerful man with intelligence and the guts to save the world. He is shown as a cold hearted man who undertook dangerous missions to gain supremacy. He adopted three small girls from the orphanage to help him in his mission. The villain and the girls start sharing a father-daughter relationship, which is the main reason of transformation in Gru. He is a shown to be a good man and also seen behaving well with his minions. Gru cares for all the minions and calls them with trending minions names. The villain is shown to have good relation with Dr. Neferio, his scientist. Gru Despicable Me transforms himself into a good man and vows to save the world as well as become a best father.

Despicable Me Gru

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the Cutest of all?

  1. Bob: He is most favorite Minion because he is the cutest and most appealing and also the hero of the child of the group. He does not have any fear and is also very curious. You can see him running into places, creating LOL moments.
  2. Dave: This smart, loving, kind minion loves ice-cream. The cute minion is seen firing this launcher out of excitement in a video.
  3. Stuart: This minion is seen playing video games. It is playful and funny. In the movie, you can be seen him delivering the funny line “Ha ha, bottom … ha ha ha ha.”
  4. Jerry: Jerry is a two-eyed, short and plump minion. The minion is shown sensitive and is teased as coward by others. The one playing the guitar is Jerry.
  5. Kevin: The two eyed loves teasing others. He is always noticed in a golf attire and may get transformed into an evil minion due to the PX-41 serum.
  6. Mark: He is always seen with perfectly combed hair. The two eyed minion is mostly seen dressed in a motherly character.
  7. Phil: Noticed a minion with French maid outfit! That’s ‘Phil’.

Some Major Facts about Gru Despicable Me

There are some major facts about Gru Despicable Me for meminions. At the end of the movie, it was observed that girls bedroom has transformed into a more comforting place. The camera moves allowing the people and audience to see various interesting and famous paintings showcasing GRU’s achievements. The first Minion when they were Gru’s henchmen in Despicable Me. Since the Minions movie is a prequel, we are taken back to prehistoric times, also known as the before Gru era. The Origin of Minion time was even before the cavemen and dinosaurs.


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