Funny minion Quotes : 40 Best Funny Minion Quotes 2017 [Trending]

40+ Funny Minion Quotes

Minion has always been a source of inspiration for many especially for kids and elders. The cute one-eyed creature has made the world go berserk about them. Previous, a huge list of minion quotes were shared with the readers which included funny minion quotes, sad minion quotes and inspiration minion quotes. Here are some of the best funny minion quotes to share with your funniest friends! All have fallen in love with minions and hence comes this post with hilarious minion quotes. Here in this article you will find very funny images with funny quotes.

The minion quotes with comical minion images are perfect to share with Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Get ready to make your friends go crazy with these funny minions quotes. Our blog is all about despicable me minions and you will get to know everything about minions. Besides all humor of words, we have made sure to offer best visual treat with weird and cute rounded characters. To get fresh mood people mostly follow minions fun.

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Funny minion quotes are best to bring dash of humour in our lives. Get ready to break the ice and spread humour with characters much in vogue for spreading humour. So wish you a good time reading and enjoying these lines and share them with your friends and groups. We are sure you would love spend your light moments here in the world of minions. Visit our blog to know funny minions characters. Spreading smiles among others will surely make your fun double. Choose your favourite funny minion quotes or minion image and share it with your friends.

Funny Minion Quotes

Presenting hand curated best funny minion quotes for you. Our collection of funniest and ridiculous funny minion quotes will definitely give you a good chuckle. Do not forget to share it with friends on Facebook or Whatsapp.

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  • Dear Almighty, Just give a chance and I will prove that I can’t turn bad even after winning a lottery jackpot!

  • I am sorry for hating you! But I don’t believe much in bringing changes!

  • True friends never judge each other. They just make a great gang to judge others!

  • It’s not that I have a bad memory. I just forget what I have to remember and remember what I should forget!

  • Being fat is great sometimes. My pictures never look like X-rays.

  • Please Do Not Disturb Me. I am already disturbed because of people like you!

  • You should follow your dreams. So Get. Set and Go to Bed!

Top Funny Minions Quotes with Funny Pictures

Additional, funny minion quotes are given below. It should definitely bring a smile back to your face. Once again, we urge to share them with your friends if you like them. Everyone loves meminions and these hilarious minion jokes will put a smile on your face

best funny minion quotes

  • Yes I am fat but not very different from you. It’s just that my curves are not very visible!

  • Mind the low ceiling when you enter my room. If you fail to do so, then mind your language.

  • Instead of ‘Welcome’ you put up a sign ‘Beware of Dogs.’ And how dare you expect people to visit your place?

  • Life is too short! But days between Monday to Friday are always too long!

  • Best advantage of being short: You always have to look up and make others look down.

  • I am just exhausted and need rest. I struggled a lot to come out of the bed!

  • Better days are not very far now. (Tomorrow is Friday J)

  • Clicking the Like button has become so routine that I have started disliking these lazy Likes.

  • Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in today’s world. Except surviving without internet.

  • Women are born to instruct. Men are born to ignore!

  • Do you feel matured like 60 years from Tuesday to Thursday? Start feeling like in cool 40s on Friday? Feel like 20 years from Saturday to Sunday? And likes 5 year school-going kid on Monday?

  • Don’t worry. You are just perfect like me.

  • The world seriously needs attention! Phones are getting smarter and people are becoming stupid.

  • When your girl is not arguing with you, just be cautious. She is thinking about something seriously.

  • Marriage is a freedom! A freedom of annoying one special person for the rest of your life!

Minions are today’s funniest and cutest creatures. Funny minion quotes are making rounds all around the world spreading laughter and fun. Find the most trending funny minions quotes here. We will be bringing a lot more to our blog. Stay with us to know best minion quotes on friendship, angry minion quotes, despicable me2 movie quotes, cute minion quotes and minions images.

After the smashing success of minions at the big screens, minions are all set to blow out a world of craziness on smaller screens too. Keep visiting our blog and enjoy and share the minions quotes and quotations shared here. Share your views and likes for the funny minion quotes as well as best minions memes with us and keep spreading fun!

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