New Despicable Me Characters: Real Life of Despicable Me

Best Despicable Me Characters

Many people irrespective of age and gender love cartoon films. In fact, in the history of Hollywood movies, the cartoon movies have been more profitable compared to the ones that involve actual hero and heroines. The first series of Despicable was launched in the year 2010. It was a debut film for the directors and was made with an investment of $69 million. The film was a big success and grossed over $543 million worldwide, making it one of the most successful cartoon or animated movies of the decade. The Despicable me characters became very famous due to them banana languages can collect all information about your favorite despicable me characters along with images here.

The success of the movie motivated the team to launch a series which led to the launch of Despicable Me 2 in the year 2013, which was another successful blockbuster. Now, the third sequel is ready and it is2017. People are excited about the upcoming movie series and it is expected to break some revenue records in the animated industry for sure. All are excited about seeing the old and new despicable me characters again on screen.

Despicable Me Characters

Recap of the Despicable Me characters

If you haven’t watched the first two series of Despicable Me, don’t be disappointed. We shall discuss in detail about the despicable me characters so that you link them well when you plan to watch Despicable Me series or Despicable Me 3. Also, if you have forgotten the characters as the movie was released almost 4 years back, you can refresh your memory like how minion sayings, speak etc,by following through this post.

Gru of Despicable Me

Not many films have gained popularity because of the villain. But, Despicable Me has had a dream run only because of this super-villain Gru. The despicable me character has appeared in few other movies also like Puppy, Mayhem, Home Makeover, etc., apart from the Despicable Me & Minion series. Gru’s voice is given by Steve Carrell. Gru is not only intelligent and smart but is also powerful and agile at the same time. He has an armoury of weapons which usually have cruel intentions. He wishes to steal something big by assembling a troop of minions as he is distraught by the robbery of Great Pyramid of Giza. The super-villain aims at stealing the moon from the earth.

What is Victor/Vector?

Vector is the competitor of Gru. He is the one who has annoyed Gru by stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza. His rivalry with Gru brings amazing plot to the Despicable Me series. Victor is a rich guy who is also a spoilt-brat. He is into show-off and arrogance and is one of the not so cool characters just like a true villain. Vector kidnaps the three adopted girls of Gru and then refuses to release even after getting what he wanted. The engaging contest between vector and gru despicable me is amazing. Especially, the weapons used by Vector each time are amazing. Jason Segel has given voice to this despicable me character.

Dr. Nefario

Dr. Nefario is like a research and development team head when it comes to Gru. Gru also uses some specialized techniques and equipment to stun the world and off course Mr. Vector and all these technological advancements are sourced from Dr. Nefario’s lab. This despicable Mecharacter is elderly, nice, sweet and amazing even minion quotes are also worthy. Gru continues to rely on this trustworthy man from ages.

Margo, Edith and Agnes

These are the cutest despicable me characters. Margo is the eldest followed by Edith and Agnes, who is the youngest of the three. These three girls are adopted by Gru from an orphanage. Gru loves them like their daughters and they are eventually kidnapped by Vector to blackmail Gru. The three characters have been voiced by Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, and Elsie Fisher respectively.

Mr. Perkins

Perkins is a rich father of Vector. He is also the president of an association called Bank of Evil where all evil thoughts are discussed and executed. Mr. Perkins is that dad who constantly fulfills the wishes of his son no matter how crazy they can be. He is responsible for the rich, arrogant, evil and spoilt behavior of his son Vector. He not only supports Vector in his bad deeds but also contributes by giving ideas. The idea to kidnap three adopted daughters of Gru was given by Mr. Perkins only. This despicable me character enjoys the voice of Will Arnett.

These were some of the main characters in the film. There are many others, but we felt these were sufficient for you to recap your memories and enjoy the despicable me series.


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