Minion Rush

Minion Rush: Despicable me Minion Rush Game Online

Minion Rush Minions are cute yellow characters which will automatically convert your bad mood into happy mode when you come across cute wallpapers, quotes, GIF’s and the Minion Rush game which will give you LOL moments. The sweet banana lovers featured in the Oscar nominated American movie ‘Despicable Me’ emerged as the main attractions in […]

Gru Despicable Me

Villain Gru Despicable Me: Understanding the Role of the Super Villian

This article will talk about protagonist Gru Despicable Me, not minions? Nevertheless,Gru is less remembered as compared to the Minions. The adorable creatures are found almost everywhere gaining huge popularity. It is natural to forget the protagonist ‘Gru’ in comparison to these banana lovers. Let’s try to talk about the Gru Despicable Me instead of […]

Minion wallpaper

Minion Wallpaper: Cute Collection of Minion HD Wallpaper

Minion HD Wallpaper Whatsapp is most frequently used app among teenagers which give the privilege to chat with their friends almost 24/7 and share Minion wallpaper consisting of sweet friendship quotes, helping to have a stronger bond with your loved ones. Facebook pages are filled with Minion wallpaper and quotes that are worth liking and sharing, […]

Minion games

Minion Games: How to Play Minion Games (for Kids and Sports) Online

Minion Games They are cute, stout, fun loving little yellow guys wearing metal goggles with a small patch of hair and carrying Gru’s Emblem on their uniform. I hope you have guessed the figure… Yes! They are your hot favorite, funny looking, banana lovers which have made their presence feel in their two American franchises […]

best minion meme

Minion Memes: Best Funny Minions Memes Ideas

Minion Memes Meet the craziest minion memes and minion ideas. The funny popcorn looking minions have amazing ideas on everything you can dream of. Be it diet, fitness, attitude or friendship and relations. Minions have the best way of expressing all sorts of stress busters. Lol moments are guaranteed as you will meet these crazy […]

funny minion quotes 2016

Funny minion Quotes : 40 Best Funny Minion Quotes 2017 [Trending]

40+ Funny Minion Quotes Minion has always been a source of inspiration for many especially for kids and elders. The cute one-eyed creature has made the world go berserk about them. Previous, a huge list of minion quotes were shared with the readers which included funny minion quotes, sad minion quotes and inspiration minion quotes. […]

Minion Horde

Minion Horde: Strategies and Cards to Counter the Powerful Minion Horde

The Minion Horde is prominent card found in the PEKKA Playhouse that costs 5 elixir and is deployed on the side of the map. The minion Horde is unlocked from the P.E.K.KA ‘s at Arena 4. The minion creates 6 single target, winged minions that generate high points, short ranged,less damage. This card is regarded […]

Minion Paradise

Minion Paradise Tips and Tricks: Top 11 Tricks to Earn more Royalties!

Minion Paradise Introduction Minion Paradise is a familiar term for all dedicated gamers and yellow henchmen lovers! The city building game is constructive as it indulges user to an engaging storyline exclusively. The player named as ‘Phil’ is the one who ruins everything. Phil along with other minions are chilling out on a cruise, but […]

Minion Pumpkin

Minion Pumpkin: Painting the Pumpkins Yellow and Blue this Halloween!

Minion Pumpkin Overview Prepare cute Minion Pumpkin this upcoming Halloween. Welcome the Despicable Me yellow creatures of meminions to enchant your Halloween this year with minion pumpkins and carved pumpkin minions. These adorable henchmen are just an ideal decoration this Halloween. Decorate your house with cute pumpkins dressed minions to welcome your guests at your […]

funny minion Joke

Minion Jokes: Top 50+ Funny Minions Jokes to Share with Friends

Funny Minion Jokes Hilarious Minion jokes to share with your friends for funniest moments. Catch some funny moments with your buddies by sharing these crazy minions jokes and quotes. Minions are bound to make you laugh and let you spread laughter. Our blog offers best quotes and images of these cool Despicable Me characters. Minions […]